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Welcome to the English-speaking section of "Treffpunkt Wien": Meeting Point Vienna, for travellers from all over the world If you're a non German-speaking swinger, this group is the right place to get all the information, you'll not find elsewhere that… (vie_paar)

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13.12. evening

Are there any volunteers for some kinky adventures? you are supposed to have a big prick and sporty belly. bg (sar82)

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Accompaniment in the swinger scene - Offer

We would be pleased to meet English speaking couples and to give them an insight into Vienna´s swinger scene. U & G Beiträge in Englisch bitte nur in dem Bereich posten, danke. Mod Volvos (Volvos)

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If you are lonely or feeling giddy and nobody is listening to you in English or your German is not that good to post a comment in the "Klatsch und Tratsch" thread, this is the right place for chit-chat about whatever you like. (vie_paar)

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